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Ben Kevey-Maiden

Ben Kevey-Maiden
Owner / Operator

Ben Kevey-Maiden

Born and bred in Auckland, from 2 years old Ben always knew he wanted to be a builder. At kindergarten, he used to sit at the carpentry bench nailing things together and pretending to cut wood with the plastic saw. At the age of 7, he got his first drill and was hooked.

Getting qualified

Straight after high school, Ben went to Unitec to do a carpentry diploma and within a few years, had his carpentry ticket through ITAB. After many stints travelling the world, 2 years living in London, doing £1 Million, massive alterations, and on weekend jumping the ditch to explore the architecture that continues to inspire him in Barcelona, Spain, Italy, and the rest of Europe he packed my things, and new found inspiration and headed back home.

Things ben loves

Ben has an obsession with the ocean and the coast. He loves escaping Auckland with his family and regularly heads to their family bach in Raglan, to chase the waves. More recently Ben and his family have purchased a home in Mangawhai, which is their new stomping ground. Ben loves being athletic, hitting the golf course on a Sunday, kicking around the football with his team and mountain biking.

Opening up shop

After many years working under great chippies, and great mentors, in 2006 Ben went out to chase his building dream. With all the experience and skills he'd mastered along the way, he became a Licensed Building Practitioner and opened up shop at New Wave Construction. 11 years on New Wave has a solid team of highly trained builders, apprentices and labourers, who have a strong passion for building beautiful and unique homes. With the New Wave team's careful attention to detail, trusted client interaction and significant word of mouth from satisfied clients, they have grown and become very specialised in what they do. The expert skills learned on over 500 jobs Ben has done has made him produce some of his finest work to date, giving you 100% confidence when he says "We are the right builders for your dream home.

Our Values

  Results driven

Everyone in our team is passionate about building. Our end goal is always 100% satisfaction from our clients. We do this job coz’ we love being able to step back and admire the quality and finishing's of a complete project

  World class

We love what we do, so are always learning from the best and applying the most forward thinking techniques throughout your project

  Speed of execution

We love seeing results and always aim to get every project complete within time and within budget. With over 42 years of combined experience, everyone in our team works in their area of genius to ensure the project is done to the best standard, in the more efficient timeframe

  Honesty and transparency

With all projects in all situations


Continuous, free-flowing communication with clients at all times


A prerequisite of joining out New Wave team. You have to love what you do


We love working on complex projects and making them simple and streamlined

  Client experience

We understand your project is one of the biggest investments in your life and our team are always looking to go the next step further, to better the service we provide for you

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