Kevin Vitali, Torbay, Auckland

3-Stories, 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms
Wine Cellar & Chef’s Pantry

Renovation Testimonial

Kevin, his wife and kids (all hitting their 20’s), wanted to turn their existing home into the house of their dreams. With already amazing views overlooking Torbay to work with, the family wanted to add an extra level to their existing 2-level structure to get fully unobstructed views and add all the luxurious bells and whistles they’d always dreamed of including; a wine cellar, and 3 levels of decking.

This major alteration consisted of adding an extra story to the existing 2-story structure, building a big deck on each story, completely gutted the entire house and re-cladding it, and installing all new top-of-the-range fixings and finishing's. We were also able to make the home available for Kevin and his Wife to live in for the second half of the renovation.

"New Wave Construction delivered our dream home.
Being a renovation with many challenges, was never a problem, only workable solutions provided.
The quality, timing of delivery, flexibility and communication was outstanding.
We would highly recommend this company."

Kevin Vitali